Monday, October 30, 2006

Journeys in Blogging

Gavin and Mack commented on my most recent post. Call me a big believer in responding to comments - unless they are merely "visit my blog to see xyz". I can hardly wait to see the results of Macks 100 comments journey - I think this One Reader might have been one of the 100 ;)

Stumbled onto a similar blog journey in the zaadz community I've been frequenting - albeit sporadically. A project hatched by Samme attempts to link blogs one at a time. It was a little confusing until I followed the path. It became clear quickly. I left comments on 5 blogs that Samme had linked together. Wonder what happened? You guessed it - I got 3 responses to my comments. I have yet to get a comment on my zblog, however. This experiment might spark that little fire!

In the spirit of the season - and all things magical - I'm going to link to this blog from inside that blog - now I see what Mack means by mogblogsmoproblems LOL - and see if I can get some crossblogginization!

Acting speaks louder than lurking!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Geeks on Steroids!

Geeks on steroids! I don't consider myself a geek - too scattered. I certainly would not condone the use of steroids...or any other drug (besides caffiene and nicotine).

I love measurement and metrics - even though I may not understand completely. This entire exploding blogosphere has captured my imagination. The bunch over at Technorati is at it again. Suddenly, my entire account looks a little different. At first I was confused, then walked through it step by step. It was a bit clunky getting to my account - but get there I did.

This weblog post by Brian Pinkerton explains a little about the ranking metrics they use. I love the pictures and graphs - plus the hoorays they add for the blog that is climbing. I'm a little confused about the 180 day cycle they use...but can live with it as an arbitrary number. Currently ranked at 584,706 - an uptick from August 804, 617 :)

Anybody else notice the changes? Or is this a case of me being late to the party again.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

True Confessions of 101 Bloggers and Podcasters

Here is a fun post at Freaking Marketing (love the blog name) about a new book - True Confessions of 101 bloggers and podcasters by Ted Demopoulos. Its out soon, and while I'm not one of the 101 - no room for the "only blogs on occasion" blogger this time around. The interview makes it explicit that these are not the top 101 bloggers. They ARE bloggers who have leveraged the power of the blogosphere. Plus bloggers who blog for different reasons.

Which gives me a chance to shout out to Mack Collier - one who continues to leverage and grow...and do it with humility.

Something I fail to remember - and maybe you, too - is how "new" blogging is as a means of communication. And it continues to evolve.