Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where The Hell DID That Interest Go?

For me, interests get sometimes lost in the shuffle. Enter the applications or solutions that deal the cards. Mack does it with Technorati links. Social Rank is in beta mode.

Like Biking? feed Biking Circle
Like comics? feed Comic Watch
Like Marketing? try Marketing Lens

.....there are 1000's of categories.

Reminds me of the most emailed stories presented on the top newspaper and media sites. What I like about the video is the emphasis on spending your time on what you want/like. In addition, you might run into bloggers who could change the world - or at least your world view.

Ranking sites - like Social Rank - in general bring out our competitive nature - sometimes good and sometimes bad. I'm going to watch what happens - that's all. The wizards behind it all gain my never ceasing expressions of amazement. Some reward!

Happy 2008 to each of you!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday - Be Gentle

There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew. - Marshal McLuhan

If you only have to go a short distance and your not in a hurry...try ZENN. It'd be real handy when it's too chilly to ride. Those of you lucky enough to live in a transit zone - like a BIG city - can disregard.

This is a little wacky - but everybody needs some. Likely not yet available at your local MallWart or Target. Puts the meaning of "gentle" in perspective :)

Each of us buy stuff, right? We all use too many plastic bags. I forget my canvas bag. Let's make a resolution in 2008 - anybody with me? Why not commit to remembering a reusable bag when we go shopping. Here's a source - along with a vision. Ask your market to stock them reusables. No more "paper or plastic" small talk. Plus, you'll help me remember mine.

Here is a fine bit of good writing on being green, being gentle and making a difference. To quote the author of The Green Thumb Blues, Pasha Malla:
Environmentalism can make you feel small. You are fighting against something unwieldy and ingrained – like trying to combat the idea of winter with a PowerPoint presentation and a shovel....
Feeling small has nothing to do with giving up. Remember the first time you posted to your blog and nobody said anything? Talk about feeling small. Then remember the first time somebody began a conversation. Or the first time you joined the conversation. Its a big rabble in blog space. Every little bit we contribute makes it better...and its damn well worth it!

I'm away for a couple weeks - reflecting and visiting family in Iowa. Not that Iowa needs any tips on conversation but count on me talking up AoC and the surrounding community. Everybody play nice - I'll be back in 2008.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

War Is Over

It hardly seems 27 years have passed.
Give yourself a 10 minute present - watch the entire vid...its more than worth it.

A message from Yoko right here.

Thank you to whatsnextonline.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Think Outside the Mall

Its holiday time! Which translates into gift giving time. Which in turn means feeding the ravenous appetite of the marketplace - at least in the US. If you're like me - though I have no reason to believe you are other than we share the planet - it's a little disheartening to see how we are burning through our resources so quickly.

One of the pluses of shopping naked from your keyboard is fewer resources are wastes. If you deal with organizations who keep the health of our Rock in mind its a big step. The big negative is you're not buying local goods - but you can split the difference.

Thats why I like the email that Laurie at Stop Global Warming sent this morning.

Consider this a list of earth friendly places to visit. I have no financial interest in any of them. Nor can I vouch for service, quality, etc....all that stuff we find important. They represent a small sample of organizations out to change the world. And you might just locate the perfect gift and!

Cool Planet Jewelry - The planet is warming up but this jewelry is cool! Recycled!

Simple Shoes - They say, "71% of the population believe in global warming while the other 29% are still trying to resolve the "earth is flat" debate." plus the flip-flops are t-o-o-o-o-o cool

GreenSender - Help someone take first steps to a greener choices - AND it comes in a box

Stop junk mail - even as a direct marketer there has GOT to be a better way! This might be part of it!?!?

Laurie David's book - A Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming - teach your children well - AND you can buy the book used :)

The Spiral Foundation - beautiful handmade goods crafted from found objects and recycled scraps - Spinning Potential into Resource and Love

Ideal Bites Blog - a little link love here - clever, witty and smart - not to mention green.
- A tip a day. Today's tip lists 6 earth friendly gifts - my favorite is movie tickets :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007


what? Me political?
n-a-a-a-h-h :) I was just raised in Iowa.

By Bjarne O.