Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Men, health, and....mustaches?

I'm staring to dig MarketingProfs - its full of wit, wisdom, and sound advice. Come the first of the year, a premium membership is considered. I drop in on the DailyFix occasionally - or rather it drops in on me. Today I found a great post on an item we hear all too little about in the US - prostate cancer and men's health. Seems a bunch of guys in Australia grow mustaches in November. It draws attention to a change in attitude about men's health. It opens the conversation.

The photo you see in the upper right of this blog is an exact representation of yours truly. I'm a man and I wear a mustache. I'm also reluctant to talk about my health. While I'm reasonably healthy its not because I'm comfortable talking about it. It's an awkward conversation. Even within the health care system, depression and cancer are not high on the list. I have a routine procedure scheduled for next month and only those closest to me will hear about it. Fortunately, I am blessed with male friends who listen AND are able to share feelings.

So Bravo to the organization that imagined this month long focus -