Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feel Spring Coming

Its a few months away but Bike to Work in Spokane - my home place - has an active group of planning volunteers. I got email from BarbC with a request to post it on my blog. Here it is and I'll keep plugging away. The logo displayed is courtesy of the website - Bike to Work Spokane. May is the month and 12-16 is the week. This is the 50th Bike to Work month - though some say 57th. I can find no definitive source but that's a bit like cycling - its got a lot to do with freedom!

While I realize not everyone who visits One Reader shares my love of cycling, it's never too late. As often happens, a spark of an idea can turn into a flame. If winter's bracing chill has got you down - jump on a bike and you'll warm right up. Second best is taking a walk. Short advice - not that you need any - get outside to beat the blues. Rode on Saturday and it was a darn tasty treat. If the weather warms just a touch, it will be time to begin rides to work.

Help spread the word!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Strike ends - More strikes on the way!

A victory for the organized of the world! Overwhelming writers approval. The best quote?

Michael R. Perry, a writer for “Persons Unknown” and other TV dramas, said the deal made him hopeful the guild and studios could be “partners in a growing pie” of Internet revenue.

I want them to be fabulously, filthy rich. I just want my piece,” Perry said.

Hope springs eternal (thanks to Ryan @ the News Tribune) - even while Congress listens to more half truths - now with live blogging.