Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Newspapers and Innovation

I love it when David Reich tosses in his 2 cents on newspapers and innovation - then takes a moment to send email and let me know he posted. Try as I might to keep up with newsreaders and rss feeds, they overwhelm me. Email communication is current. It gets my attention. Or maybe its most familiar. Some say email is already dead. We are living in an disastrously short life cycles if thats the case.

David references an article in Advertising Age by Marc Brownstein. Marc jumps on the "not quite dead yet" ship by writing that newspaper owners are entrepreneurial. They are not lacking in the desire to innovate. And they still make a little dough to boot. He admits newspapers don't have the same number of advertisers or readers as in the past. He suggests that some of each group have migrated to online. He argues that editorial staffs continue to write good - if not excellent - stories and that newspapers are willing to try new things.

Full disclosure which bears repeating - I work for a newspaper but everything I blog about them is my own thoughts and feelings. Here are a few innovative things we are doing where I work - blogs from staff and editors (no marketing blog yet but someday...), contests, community events and promotions, live AP updates, video blogs, niche publications, online comics and games, discussion boards, live coverage of daily news meetings, email notifications and marketing - plus we still deliver it to your door, if you choose. The toughest part is we do it with fewer and fewer people. Like David says, "eyeballs are eyeballs" and we're all trying to figure out where they are looking, what they're looking for and how to get them to pause for a moment.

Later -

Added 11.14 - Mark Goren's 3 part QAD at Transmission Marketing on the Canadian Newspaper Association campaign

Friday, October 26, 2007

Innocent laughter

Some days are made to smile...others to laugh. You know how I feel about laughter. Road tripping to Seattle this weekend to visit Lily might have something to do with it - check out the pic of Uncle Bob for a glimpse of holding a conversation with a 3 month old.

Bet you can't resist a laugh or a smile when you watch this video -

Happy Friday!

There were days and then there were days

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today's reality

...or is it merely passing fancy? All I know is "Dancing With The Stars" has got me hooked. Jackie - commenting on my last post - says that its my inner Fred Astaire. Lewis claims its the footwork - comparing it to the articles in a favorite magazine.

I'm really chewing on its success at grabbing my eyeballs. And asking myself a lot of questions. Last night was the first time I watched "the results" show. How has a "reality" television show stolen 2.5 hours per week from me? I've never - and never being a long, long time - watched more than 10 minutes of any previous reality show. And if it has judges?!?! a-a-a-c-c-k

Here's what I've determined "it's about" thus far:

  • the smiles
  • the intensity
  • the love the professionals have for their art
  • stepping outside your comfort zone
  • the music
  • the discipline to self-improve

What it's not about - at least for me:
  • the competition
  • the fan voting - maybe if they gave actual results and numbers I'd see the value of the conversation
  • the results - its more about the path
  • who wins or loses - process, process, process
I also like that its crossing the pond. Jane Seymour and Mel B connect US viewers with UK viewers. Call me sentimental.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stay Healthy

Recently I've found Life Hacks to chock full of great living tips. I've noticed the coughs starting to crop up around here. So Dustin leaves 6 tips on staying healthy this season. Let me add a couple items -

  • Stay hydrated - we tend to think thirsty only in the warmer temperatures. Remember water and herbal teas help you feel better. Why you think mom always talks about chicken soup?
  • Get a little exercise - even a daily walk up a flight of stairs. Better yet get out and breathe some fresh air at lunch. I'm off to ride my bike now :)

But before climbing on my saddle, I must confess to a total addiction to "Dancing with the Stars". I don't even like television. I rarely watch network shows- it's s-o-o-o old school :) - preferring HBO and Showtime. But this show - even with its 4 minute commercial breaks - has me hooked. I'm actually watching the clock until it comes on. Admittedly, the dancers outfits bring out the dirty old man in me but....its something else. Competition? Not really - I've never watched the other reality shows - not even American Idol (gasp). Marketing? maybe they hooked me.
I'm a junkie - looks like there might be another here. Thanks for your last paragraph, Kathleen. How long must we endure the pain of Wayne Newton?

Have you any ideas on the cure? - let me know.