Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good News, Bad News - Congrats, Des Moines!

Of course, the real point is Spokane's catapult into the top 10. Forbes magazine ranks our fair city # 9 in its yearly Best Places for Business and Careers. We've always been known as the biggest city between Minneapolis and Seattle. The good news is more people will take notice - the bad news is more people will take notice :) We don't have RAGBRAI but we do have a nice river plus riding trails.

You'll need to visit to discover the real secrets. Hint: mostly it centers around driving less than an hour in any direction! Let me know and we'll have a grand time. You can all stay at my house - only rule is we don't talk business!

Here's how the top 10 rolls out:

Raleigh NC
Boise ID
Fort Collins CO
Des Moines IA
Lexington KY
Atlanta GA
Richmond VA
Olympia WA
Spokane WA
Knoxville TN

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cool the World

When the temperature spikes to 30 degrees, its time for the first bike ride to work. Along come feelings of hope, optimism, and change. One less car contributes to the wellness of everyone. One small change impacts one person at a time.

Ecospace sends a newsletter chockful of items endlessly fascinating items. Today's "buried deep" story links to a haunting music loop by an artist, Deborah Pardes. Its called "Cool the World". Simple melody, wonderful message, and a call to action. As a bonus, it offers anyone with video skills to create a picture show.

Hack away all the doubt and fear. Rid yourself of political bias. Listen to the science. Time for a change, readers. Its not as hard as you think. Make conscious choices. Its real - we have but one journey, one world - let's enjoy the ride.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Play - Have Fun

Online magazine SMITH has just published a book "Not quite what I was planning" that contains six-word memoirs. Here is mine -

Be more rather than do more.

I believe we're called human beings rather that human doings.

Happy March 2008!