Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Been Away But Now I'm Back

To those few who have visited - thank you. You may note the lack of activity on the blog. So many decisions it becomes overwhelming. I've taken a bit of advice from Mack at here and thought about passion. I've also been visiting a fair number of blogs. Spending more time reading other bloggers. When I find something that fits into my myriad interests, I'll drop a comment. And always leave the url for this blog as my website.

It seems to drive views of my profile which have tripled in the 30 days since the first post. Not particularly astonishing but an increase nonetheless.

Now, I need to shamelessly plug a few bloggers. These are people - just like you and me - who have taken time to respond to my comments on their blogs. Near as I can tell Huckabuck is a search engine that searches and combines other engines. Within a couple days of my first blog post Paige had sent me an email. She asked that share their search engine by writing about it on my blog. That is being on top of the game! Sorry it's taken so long, Paige. And I apologize for such little traffice to my blog - yet anyway! I've found the engine to be comprehensive and thorough - it is part of my bookmarks. Its key difference is the "search tuner" which allows the user to fine tune the search. What I really like is the organization is based in New Orleans. I have no idea how search engines make money. But the people working on this project are passionate about it. And any help sent toward the Mississippi Delta is help sent with love for the people who are rebuilding that beautiful part of the US.

I've also set up a Technorati profile, messed around in digg, and discovered the internet archive - which I believe was called something else at one time? These sites are popular with bloggers - they are new to me. Remember, I'm building a network here.

Check links to the right for other places I've been spending time.


Mack Collier said...

"I've also been visiting a fair number of blogs. Spending more time reading other bloggers."

Doing that, and taking a few seconds to thank your commenters for stopping by are the BEST things you can do to grow your blog.

It's all downhill now Bob, just keep up the good work!

BobG said...

Thank you again for stopping by Mack...have a great weekend