Monday, August 28, 2006

What I found today - magic!

What is the difference between a trackback and a permalink? Not sure if I'll discover today but maybe eventually - one of you can help me distinguish. I'm not sure it even matters. But being a detailed and curious sort - sometimes a burden - I gotta know - HA! Are they merely different url's to the same place? Does it have something to do with technorati and all that jazz?

David - here is the trackback - over at Logic+Emotion - here is the permalink - continues the great conversation on his levels of blog influence through links. I'm a bit humbled that he considered the ripples metaphor. Thanks, D!

Gavin added an insightful comment to the my last post, too. Particularly the "overheard conversation". Jules Pfieffer, the cartoonist, made an entire career of drawing these moments. Through Gavin's blog - Servant of Chaos - I found a celebration for a 3rd birthday for Russell Davies - here is trackback. Russell would rank as a 1st level influencer based on David's graphic (+1000 links) and Technorati's metrics. I'm still connecting what all this means. Visit his place - here is the permalink - for a real treat for the eye balls! And tips for long term blogging. Thanks for a slice of your life, Russell!

While tracking levels of influence conversation, I noticed Mack at Viral Garden - weighed in. Then Mack was generous enough to add a comment here. That makes comments from 3 unique bloggers to one post! Plus I now have 3 blogs that link to this one!

3 really is a magic number! And the ripples roll!


David Armano said...

Yup, Bob. You are figuring out how this whole thing works. It's pretty amazing huh?


Mack Collier said...

Bob I don't think any blogger that uses Blogger can tell anyone what a 'trackback' is ;)

Gavin Heaton said...

Hi Bob ... trackbacks are what register your part of the conversation on someone else's blog -- and the permalink is a permanent link to a particular post. When you publish one of your own posts where you reference say, one of David's outstanding diagrams, you can send David's site an automatic "ping" using the trackback URL ... then the first lines of your post will appear in the trackback section of his post (normally above the comments).
Hope this helps.

BobG said...

Thanks, you guys. You are all great! Its very amazing, David - particularly through the lens of someone who battles logic :) - I'm much more comfortable in the messy depths of imagination.

And it makes great sense, Gavin - it gives me a clear point of distinction. I'm not completely clear on a "ping" - its a word I've seen but never really understood. I can look it up!

Mack - are you saying Blogger doesn't ofer a trackback? Would you suggest using a different blogging tool before I get too far along the path?

I'm not sure any of you will be notified of this comment (I might be surpised) so I'll wait a day or 2 for responses. If I don't see anything, 1 - I'll send email to you individually and 2 - I'll revisit your blogs.

Now let me brag a little bit - I'm also going to toss this into a future post. But I've gone from a Technorati rank of 1,035,100 to 809,000 since June - LOL

Mack Collier said...

Bob about trackbacks, Mike Sansone has a good explanation here:

BTW Blogger is about to roll out a major upgrade, perhaps trackbacks will be available when they do.

Gavin Heaton said...

OK Bob ... where are you? What happened?