Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Second Life

You've all read about it and perhaps even visited. Some of you may have found a second home in the Second Life universe. Greg Verdino left a frank and fair post on marketing in Second Life at MarketingProfs. I linked to his blog here and gave my input. I can only hope it adds to the conversation. It's based on personal experience in the metaverse. I'm curious to see if there is any response. If not - no big deal.

Those who know my postings - albeit sporadic these days - rarely see a negative comment. I look for possibilities as I stumble through technology. I'm not classified as a geek by any means though I consider myself a quick study. Those familiar with CK's blog and collage will find my reason for blogging is learning. Part of the beauty in blogging is the ease and simplicity of the interface. Its also the beauty in a number of social networks I frequent.

Thinking out loud I wonder often about how we can market on social networks and what it means in the long run. At some point we monetize the time we spend and the actions we take. I continue enjoying the ride.

Added 01.08.2007 - and excellent list of links to Second Life hype and a challenge to the size of community it touches.


Ann Handley said...

Bob -- Good input on Greg's blog. As I wrote today on the MProfs blog, what I like about Greg's approach to virtual worlds is its balance -- he's not a cheerleader, encouraging companies to jump on this Next Big Thing. Rather, he's all about education and looking (actually, scrutinizing!) before you leap.

Thanks again for your comment!

BobG said...

Thank you, Ann - I hope the conversation remains balanced. As you know the Next Big Thing changes quickly in these parts -

Ann Handley said...

True enough, Bob. Seems like just yesterday that BLOGS were the New Shiny Thing! (Because, well...it was!...lol)

Gavin said...

Bob, it is good to see you keeping a handle on all this stuff despite not being a geek. I think you are right about the need to be a quick learner ... it is the flexibility of thinking that is important!

Next year, let's see you involved in Movember ... you already have a great head start ;)

Have a great New Year!

BobG said...

Thanks Gavin - I hope to be a bit more frequent in my blogging for the new year -