Thursday, September 06, 2007

What I Learned From Change

Robert Hruzek at Middle Zone Musings tossed out a writing challenge for this month's "What I Learned From..." series. He's decided to change the world! Read about it here.

What are you waiting for? What am I waiting for?

Change anyplace and anytime is a slow process, it starts like any journey...with a first step. It begins with a single decision by a single person. Any change, planned or random, involves a few key elements among them questions, fear and risk. The statement - I'm going to change the world - evokes these feelings in monstrous proportion. At the same time - if you don't do something different, you keep doing the same thing. And how you gonna change the world THAT way ?

A decision - and a change - I made this year was to spend more time "in the saddle". I love riding my bike - her name is Stella Blue. Up until this spring, I'd been mostly riding on weekends. A way to ride more is cycling to and from work. Its a 30 mile round trip. Will I be late? Plan ahead. Will I be tired? Eat better, rest more. What if I get a flat tire? You gotta figure out how to change a flat someday :)

Here is the statistical breakdown of what I've saved:

  • Driving alone miles reduced this year: 1,875.0
  • Trips Reduced this Year: 125
  • Carbon Monoxide(CO) Reduced this Year: 103 pounds
  • Savings by not driving alone this Year: $1,068.75 * (some AAA study)

Here is what I've learned from this small change:
  • It adds about an hour to my travel time. There are still 24 hours in the day.
  • Its a more relaxing trip home in the open air than in the car. I dislike traffic these days.
  • Its a good idea to carry rain gear.
  • More deep breaths, in turn more oxygen, improves blood flow and better health.
  • Cycling positively affects others. I've gained and deepened friendships through daily and weekend rides. Conversation flows freely and laughter abounds.

Here is what I've learned about change:
  • Questions are part of living.
  • Risk and fear never go away.
  • A step in any direction starts the change.
  • The world won't wait for being changed. We might about as well be part of it.

Tell me about that change you make today -


Bob said...

Thanks for jumping in, Bob! Hey, you're a lot braver than I am, my friend! Besides, if I had to take a bike to MY workplace, I'd have to shorten my work day - 30 miles each way!

But at least we managed to collect enough for a carpool! Yea!

Bob Glaza said...

turtle friend bob - Its cool to carpool! Yeah! changing the world one carpool at a time -

Valeria Maltoni said...

Absolutely beautiful, Bob. Running is the most difficult physical activity for me as I used to suffer from respiratory problems and allergies. I've been running every day for 20+ years. And it does start with one dash to catch the bus ;-)

Lewis Green said...


I spent a year communing 48 miles RT on my bike in Seattle. I learned that when one lives atop a 1500 ft hill, the ride home is a lot harder than the one to work.

Lewis Green said...

Well, I was communing as well but primarily I was commuting.

Bob Glaza said...

Valeria - every time you catch that bus you help save the world! I was never able to accustom my body to running :) Running every day for 20 years?!?! WOW!!! THAT is a true feat!

Somehow I pegged you for a communer, Lewis :) - those darn hills are so much more fun coming down :)