Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mozilla Firefox 3 release

Not sure about the party hats and the surge of downloads but next Tuesday - June 17 - Mozilla releases Firefox 3. Don't know about you but I love using Firefox over Explorer. It's more intuitive for one thing. I really like the multiple open tabs. I'm sure there are ways to make it dance better than I do but its definitely my browser of choice - and I like Microsoft products for the most part. Big advantage is its security - or so I've read - and the new release is even better. The updates are smooth as butter. Thank you developers!

Everyone knows I'm no wizard but wizards I know heartily recommend its use. Tip o' the hat to my pal, Tom Sowa, who alerted me via his .txt blog.

10 comments: said...

I think you know Kirk at He says FF 3 for PC isn't new, just minor tweaks. The big deal is FF for Mac!
BTW: his techy blog is now if you haven't visited lately or don't have him in RSS.

Bob Glaza said...

thanks Mark - I'll check him out.
Someday I'll be able to afford a Mac :)

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