Friday, June 23, 2006

iTunes + MySpace x Music Geeks = MOG

Again with the music passion! Seems my blog is helping me rediscover one of my first loves - music. MOG is a recently-launched Web site that brings the beauty of the original Napster to the social networking era. The premise is that people you trust (friends and musicians) are the best source of music recommendations -- discovery is a social process. A process like leaving your blog to look for stuff.

I joined a few days ago. Already it has connected me with a nice group of other junkies. Its got a few little bumps. The path of discovery is littered with them. In the process, I discovered digg. More social network. And somehow we're all get connected. Whether anybody realizes it, matters not.

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B42 said...

Yea Bob, the interconnectedness of it all just seems to get more so with time...I've just been blogging since late January but having become obsessed with it all, {tis my nature, no apologies} it seems to take on a life of it's own after awhile and all I can do is "watch the river flow" and peace, sometimes, somewhere,...Bruce
ps- we were in Toronto last July for AA Convention, great city, what's it like? If the current administrstion doesn't change their ways I may move out there....?
Oh yea, KEEP MOGGING !!!!