Thursday, October 05, 2006

Geeks on Steroids!

Geeks on steroids! I don't consider myself a geek - too scattered. I certainly would not condone the use of steroids...or any other drug (besides caffiene and nicotine).

I love measurement and metrics - even though I may not understand completely. This entire exploding blogosphere has captured my imagination. The bunch over at Technorati is at it again. Suddenly, my entire account looks a little different. At first I was confused, then walked through it step by step. It was a bit clunky getting to my account - but get there I did.

This weblog post by Brian Pinkerton explains a little about the ranking metrics they use. I love the pictures and graphs - plus the hoorays they add for the blog that is climbing. I'm a little confused about the 180 day cycle they use...but can live with it as an arbitrary number. Currently ranked at 584,706 - an uptick from August 804, 617 :)

Anybody else notice the changes? Or is this a case of me being late to the party again.


gavin.heaton said...

Hey Bob ... good to see you climbing the rankings! Thing to remember ... Technorati ranks over 50 million blogs -- so 584,706 is pretty respectable!

Mack Collier said...

You're up another 100,000 by now Bob ;)

As for the 180-day cycle, my guess is that's to weed out blogs that are dormant. For example, if a guy blogged from 2001-2004, he could have 800 links, but if he hadn't left a post in 2 years, it really wouldn't be fair to count his total link count, if most of them came from 2-5 years ago.

At least that's my guess...

BobG said...

Thanks Gavin and Mack - not saying the rankings are all important but if I don't get back to it soon...I'll be sliding to the land of the forgotten -

This is where support of a community really becomes helpful!

Big jim said...

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BobG said...

Thanks Big Jim...I'd never condone the use of steroids - I like broccoli!