Monday, October 30, 2006

Journeys in Blogging

Gavin and Mack commented on my most recent post. Call me a big believer in responding to comments - unless they are merely "visit my blog to see xyz". I can hardly wait to see the results of Macks 100 comments journey - I think this One Reader might have been one of the 100 ;)

Stumbled onto a similar blog journey in the zaadz community I've been frequenting - albeit sporadically. A project hatched by Samme attempts to link blogs one at a time. It was a little confusing until I followed the path. It became clear quickly. I left comments on 5 blogs that Samme had linked together. Wonder what happened? You guessed it - I got 3 responses to my comments. I have yet to get a comment on my zblog, however. This experiment might spark that little fire!

In the spirit of the season - and all things magical - I'm going to link to this blog from inside that blog - now I see what Mack means by mogblogsmoproblems LOL - and see if I can get some crossblogginization!

Acting speaks louder than lurking!


Mack Collier said...

LMAO! Bob glad you caught the joke, amazingly you are only the second person that has ;)

This is another key lesson: Be careful picking your blog URLs ;)

BobG said...

I'm a quick study - and love being number 2 - but that IS pretty amazing, Mack!