Saturday, March 17, 2007

Turtle Meme

This post is a couple weeks delayed but it's not called the Turtle meme for for nothing - thanks Karin. I've been tagged once before, broken in on games of tag and tagged along - but never tagged I'm going for it here. And toss in a z-twist. Let's see how it works.

I love turtles and only wish I had several to watch do laps. Owned one a number of years ago - but it died. My friend Dave (he doesn't blog or I'd link to him) had a terrapin that was his uncles (or some relative) was 50 years old and that was 30 years ago. I wonder what happened to Dave?

Bob - or is that Robert (great name nonetheless :) and Tully claim this to be the slowest moving meme in the blog world. Essentially its a playful way to look at goal setting, achievements, vocations and life roles. Let's give it some legs - OK?

Tully says it like this:

"I had been thinking about goal setting, life accomplishments, and the like, when it hit me - what are the goals that are slightly ‘out there’ that typically don’t make it on the goal list because you never took them seriously (but would still be a blast to do!)?"
And Robert this way:
"But what happened to the goals that, well, didn’t make the cut? Do they just fall by the wayside? Are they consigned to goal purgatory, that place where all despondent goals go when they don’t quite make the team? Whatever happened to them? Gee - what if any of these goals had actually happened?"
And so it starts with these 2 - and I'm adding Karin as a *sparkler* for it was her post that Bob pointed me toward. We'd been talking about slow on the uptake each of us was at discovering we were SOB's - a couple weeks after the fact. I was a turtle before I knew it.

Here's 5 gigs that would be a kick in the tail! I'm a touch envious of those who get to experience them. I've lived vicariously through them!

1 - Team Mascot - March Madness probably brought this one from the depths of my unconscious. They always seem like their having fun. A bit too much running but helping people get a little crazy. The local favorite is Otto the Spokanasaurus, a prehistoric (futuristic?), dinosaur/dog for the Spokane Indians Baseball Team. Of course, I'll always be partial to Herky!

2 - Cowboy - the kind that rides all day, sleeps under the stars and lives on the open range. In bits and pieces, I've managed to experience parts of the cowboy way - but never quite hit it exact. Think about Jack Palance as Curly in "City Slickers" and his exchange with Billy Crystal:

Cowboy: "Do you know what the secret of life is? One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and everything else don't mean shit."
City Slicker: "Yeah, but what's that one thing?"
Cowboy: "That's what you've got to figure out."
Simply elegant and to the point - a grizzled cowboy with a "roll your own" dangling from his lip.
3 - Clown - Oddly, I've recently discovered some people have a terrible aversion to clowns. Thats too bad because what could be more fun, more playful than honking a horn, making balloon animals, or jumping out of a VW with 20 of your closest clown friends?!?! Without ever having to say a word! Brevity of words seems to be a recurring theme here? Maybe I DO talk too much.
4 - Sled Racer - Driving a team of huskies across Alaska! It looks like a grueling race but what COOL clothes they get to wear. I warm up just thinking about all that fur smothering my face. I'm certain thats not the main allure of the contest. It's human and dog against the harshness of the great outdoors. Alas, I prefer natural gas heat and a down comforter. But I've sure dreamed of being tuned in to the strength of the malamute.
5 - Bike Racer - Might as well dream big....Tour de France. For one thing, its in France - the wine is good, the food even better. Sitting in the sidewalk bistro watching the world go by...some jazz music playing as lovers walk hand in hand...wait! I'm riding in a bike race :) - see how eaasily distracting it would be. Instead, this year I'm riding in RAGBRAI. Between now and then I hope to connect a little deeper with the Iowa blog mafia!

Here's the z-twist - and there's no hurry. Place this idea on the back burner. If you want let it boil over. I'm tossing it out as food for thought. A lot of you are deep in preparation for SOBCon. This is the turtle meme, remember? I'm listing the people who've already been touched with this game. Then I'm tagging some One Reader community members -

Here's the rules* - make your post and refer back to this one. Tag one, two, three, five, ten - number doesn't matter - members of your community. You need to tell them they are tagged. Then copy the list of those already tagged to the end of your post. I have no idea how it will work but lets see if turtles move :)

I tag because you have been kind enough stop by One Reader and leave a comment. Each of these bloggers are worthy of reading and feeding!

Already tagged (that I know about, at least)

*Mike says the only rule for memes is there are no rules.

Update (5.5.2007): if any of you made it this far - and haven't made a turtle along why don't ya?!?! Spread the Turtle Love!


Karin H. said...

Hi Bob

It only took you 3.5 weeks, not bad for you?
Love your list of 5. And for Toure de France, for a change in scenery this year it starts in the UK and will almost (well, misses it by 6 miles!) pass my little village

Bob said...

Gee, Bob, you ARE slow! (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

I like the Tour de France one! Karin and I will be there on the sidelines cheering you on... as we sit in the sidewalk cafe and have a spot of tea! Go, Bob, Go!

Jodee said...

Man, I love that there is no pressure to get this done! I'm honored to be tagged ... and I will ruminate about my answer - in due time! Thanks, Bob!!

Karin H. said...

Bob, can I change my order to a coffee, please?

Bob said...

Sure, Karin, why not? Anyone for a Klondike bar?

BobG said...

WOW, karin - you really ought to travel those six miles :) - just the sound of that many bikes would be astonishing

Bob?...rather than coffee or tea - can I have a glass of wine? and, yes, I am slow-w-w-w!

of course, jodee - taking your time is what its all ever see a herd of turtles move quickly :)

Amanda said...

You go Bob. Thanks.


Cam Beck said...

Hey Bob - This is an interesting meme. I'm going to chew on this a little bit, if you don't mind. It deserves consideration.

BobG said...

Thanks for coming by, Amanda -

Cam - chew and ruminate all you want :) - the meme is designed as such - no hurry, no worry - like a turtle :)

Robyn McMaster said...

Bob, have patience, mine is still forthcomeing!

David Reich said...

Hi Bob --

I'll have a response in another few days. I'm playing catch-up, so I just responded to an earlier tag I got.


BobG said...

no sweat at all, Robyn and David - the beauty of this meme is it's designed for a turtle pace :)

Take your time - I sure did - and savor the thoughts that that weave through your consideration.

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I like the Tour de France one! Karin and I will be there on the sidelines cheering you on... as we sit in the sidewalk cafe and have a spot of tea!

Precision Resistors said...

Who doesn't love turtles?!