Monday, February 12, 2007

Why To Blog?

Mike Sansone - Converstations - takes part in the tag meme that gives 5 reasons why I blog. Similar to this collage - but without the picture - by CK'sBlog. When she asked the question "Why blog?", my response was to learn. Now Mike "I'm tagging you now right between the i's"

I'm giving it a shot - this will be down and dirty - and a direct rip-off of my mantra - live, love, learn, lead - help each other to succeed. However, it's honest!

1 - I blog to learn more about technology - I'm an old horse...well not old old...but the revolutions around the sun are greater than 50! Some people are 60 ;)
2 - I blog to live to my greatest human potential - As humans we have a deep desire to communicate and share. We don't get where we are without others. Most of us fall short - no guilt intended - we ARE human. My belief is we have the chance to become more human in collectives. We need to take the chance and the risk.
3 - I blog to love - the love that comes from action in a community - from being a part of something that affects change. The love that flourishes when relationships are built. My blogging is intimate and personal - it flows in the river of my being.
4 - I blog to lead marketing newspapers to a new level - while I have not quite figured out how to translate my blog activity into "reality" i.e. making the boss some dough, the activity is valid. There is no magic bullet. I continue to build a network of great marketers, gain insight into marketing ideas, into marketing products and to use web 2.o tools.
5 - I blog to help others succeed - with any good fortune one or 2 might feel a small ripple form this corner of the blogosphere.
6 - Bonus answer - I blog to practice discipline. Making the commitment to translate thoughts into print on a consistent basis is a goal. It takes discipline - a self characteristic in short supply at times.
7 - Double bonus answer - I blog to focus the lens that I've polished for these many years - When I get comments and feedback, it helps me sharpen views.

I'm not tagging anyone at this point due to a technicality. I haven't officially been tagged - at least by the rules as I understand them :) - correct me if I'm wrong!


Mike Sansone said...

Hi Bob! I really dig answer # 3. It shows in your posting disciplines:-) Stay contagious and keep leading the way.

P.S. My take on rules of memes - there are no rules. If it's worth a go - let it go (viral) and watch the returns.

BobG said...

Thanks Mike...I like your rules!

Larry said...

Hey BobG: thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have much the same life view as you it seems. Will take up your challenge and will post 5 things why I blog (with link back to you of course). Take care.

BobG said...

Your welcome AND I sincerely thank you, Larry -

Rose said...

Hi Bob, that sounds like good reasons to me. Have a wonderful day.

Robyn McMaster said...

Hi Bob, you embody #5 on your blog, "I blog to help others succeed - with any good fortune one or 2 might feel a small ripple form this corner of the blogosphere." This is what your whole blog is about and you do it so well.

Thanks for being you and not changing with the wind!

BobG said...

Robyn - you made my day - thank you very much...