Friday, April 06, 2007

Got Conversation?

How about the desire to contribute to the dialogue? Or the urge to build stronger community? Gavin Heaton and Drew McClellan have imagined a way to share the collective knowledge of 100 excellent bloggers. Plus make the world a better place! You can click on either link to their original posts for more detail.

In a nutshell, the concept is for 100 of us to craft words - or images - about "The Conversation Age" as it relates to our exchanges through these blogs. Yes, the very same blogs you spend untold moments writing, reading and reflecting on. It's a broad and diverse topic. The project will gather these 100 pages and publish in ebook form. We'll attach a small fee to purchase with all proceeds - this I really like - contributed to Variety International. Variety is a child centered international charity begun in 1927.

Here's what Drew writes:

"Who is our audience? Our intended audience is anyone who has to create marketing tools in this Conversation Age. It might be a small business owner, a CMO, a marketing student, an agency type, a marketing blogger, or even a professor who is teaching tomorrow's marketers".
To participate and join the conversation - click on the balloon at the top right of this post. Go to The Marketing Minute and send Drew an email - he's the co-organizer of this herd.

Here are the contributors to date:

Why not become a contributor in the expanding conversation? Submissions are due by the end of April.


David Reich said...

I'm in, for sure.

BobG said...

Way to be, David - it should be fun to read what everyone comes up with. It promises to be spirited!

Gavin Heaton said...

I am so pleased to know you will be contributing Bob. We are assembling a great range of voices and perspectives!

BobG said...

Thanks Gavin - I am grateful to have been asked. Working on an outline over the weekend - in addition to a collaboration around newspapers of the future.