Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today's reality

...or is it merely passing fancy? All I know is "Dancing With The Stars" has got me hooked. Jackie - commenting on my last post - says that its my inner Fred Astaire. Lewis claims its the footwork - comparing it to the articles in a favorite magazine.

I'm really chewing on its success at grabbing my eyeballs. And asking myself a lot of questions. Last night was the first time I watched "the results" show. How has a "reality" television show stolen 2.5 hours per week from me? I've never - and never being a long, long time - watched more than 10 minutes of any previous reality show. And if it has judges?!?! a-a-a-c-c-k

Here's what I've determined "it's about" thus far:

  • the smiles
  • the intensity
  • the love the professionals have for their art
  • stepping outside your comfort zone
  • the music
  • the discipline to self-improve

What it's not about - at least for me:
  • the competition
  • the fan voting - maybe if they gave actual results and numbers I'd see the value of the conversation
  • the results - its more about the path
  • who wins or loses - process, process, process
I also like that its crossing the pond. Jane Seymour and Mel B connect US viewers with UK viewers. Call me sentimental.

7 comments: said...

I don't watch, but I am impressed that Mark Cuban is competing. I read his blog and he IS a competitor!

I hope he buys the Cubs, that would be fun to watch.

Jackie Cameron said...

Liked the pic Bob! I LOVE Fred and Ginger.

Anyway - i thought about why I am hooked on Strictly Come Dancing - that's what it is called here in the UK.

Taking people out of their comfort zones is a given. Taking people out of their stereotypical roles - that's fascinating. Our previous 2 winners have been male sports stars - well known in their field and obviously potentially putting themselves up for some serious ribbing. What examples across gender for a start ( dancing for girls - nah!) and across sector...out of sport into dancing - shifting those barriers.

I must try to see what is going on in the US - the UK season has just started.

I can't believe that we are in discussion about ballroom dancing - who'd have thought!

Bob Glaza said...

thanks Mark...ya - Cuban is a fierce competitor - you oughta watch once as I don't think he'll last long. He'd get along well with Lou Piniella on that Cub club

Ballroom dancing...another beauty of the blogversation, Jackie - For me, reaching outside that comfort zone is where growth begins. I also like the interplay with US and UK shows. It seems to be a growing phenomenon made easier with cable and satellite communications. I think the US version is playing on a channel near you :)

Lewis Green said...


I think its success has lots to do with us watching successful people step out of their comfort zone and then work diligently for long hours to become good at being someone and something they are not. That's a life lesson for all of us.

Bob Glaza said...

That, Lewis, is the best reminder we can hear and definitely a key reason I watch.

Mimi Lenox said...

I love Dancing With the Stars as well. The celebs make it more interesting.

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Gavin Heaton said...

I just want to see a photo of you on the dance floor, Bob. Now that would be a star worth voting for ;)