Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stay Healthy

Recently I've found Life Hacks to chock full of great living tips. I've noticed the coughs starting to crop up around here. So Dustin leaves 6 tips on staying healthy this season. Let me add a couple items -

  • Stay hydrated - we tend to think thirsty only in the warmer temperatures. Remember water and herbal teas help you feel better. Why you think mom always talks about chicken soup?
  • Get a little exercise - even a daily walk up a flight of stairs. Better yet get out and breathe some fresh air at lunch. I'm off to ride my bike now :)

But before climbing on my saddle, I must confess to a total addiction to "Dancing with the Stars". I don't even like television. I rarely watch network shows- it's s-o-o-o old school :) - preferring HBO and Showtime. But this show - even with its 4 minute commercial breaks - has me hooked. I'm actually watching the clock until it comes on. Admittedly, the dancers outfits bring out the dirty old man in me but....its something else. Competition? Not really - I've never watched the other reality shows - not even American Idol (gasp). Marketing? maybe they hooked me.
I'm a junkie - looks like there might be another here. Thanks for your last paragraph, Kathleen. How long must we endure the pain of Wayne Newton?

Have you any ideas on the cure? - let me know.


Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

Bob, just be good to you... You deserve it. Hope you're soon back to 100% friend.

Lewis Green said...


I love Dancing with the Stars, as well. But I only watch the dancers' feet (just like I only read the articles in Playboy).

Bob Glaza said...

Thanks Robyn - I'm good to me every chance I get...not to worry. Where I run into trouble is trying to go beyond 100% too darn often.

Lewis - somehow figured you to be an article reader just like me. That IS some fancy footwork, ain't it :)

Jackie Cameron said...

Just give in to your inner Fred Astaire Bob. In the UK version the most unlikely people - I have to say the men - turn up trumps. It is a joy to watch. That's why I am hooked.
I have no comparison for either the dirty old man or the Playboy quips - but there is something about a hunky man in tight lycra and sequins!
Good to have you back

Bob Glaza said...

Thanks Jackie - Something about Fred Astaire is pretty captivating...the closest I get to lycra is my cycling shorts ;). I just hope the pain of Wayne is short lived.

There's something about a show that figures out how to be on television twice a week - and gets me to watch?!?! Like I haven't enough to do? HA! Its a puzzlement.