Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Listen to the Conversation

David Brazeal at JournaMarketing sent email last week asking if I had time for an interview. He's creating podcasts of contributors to The Age of Conversation book that Drew and Gavin pulled together this year. Remember - "100 Voices - 1 Conversation". David is a terrific interviewer so when he contacts you...say "yes".

Here's the link to the 11 minute podcast with yours truly. The music is the best part. We are all our own worst critic and I'm no exception. However, the beauty of self criticism is that we learn so much. I could have listened more closely. I could have talked slower. I could have used my vast and untapped vocabulary more freely - when the heck does all that education pay off?!?! LOL

Soon as we finished, I remembered it's Mack at The Viral Garden who consistently reminds us the value of getting out to other blogs.

One thing I did remember was to laugh. For that, I am thankful.

But what I'm especially grateful for is the group of conversationalists involved in this book. Plus the never ending quest to get it into as many hands as we can.

Bottom line belief: Everyone adds value to the conversation.


Mack Collier said...

Just heard it Bob, and thought it was great! Left a comment on David's blog and told him that it's the best podcast I've heard in a long time. Both of you came across as very professional and articulate. How'd that happen?!? ;) Seriously great job!

Robyn McMaster said...

Bob, glad you remembered to laugh. Folks like that when it's for real...

Bob Glaza said...

HA, Mack! Thanks for listening and for your compliment...every once in a while all those hours at the salt mine pay off!

Injecting more laughter and humor is a new life goal, Robyn - thanks for reminding all of us.