Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good News, Bad News - Congrats, Des Moines!

Of course, the real point is Spokane's catapult into the top 10. Forbes magazine ranks our fair city # 9 in its yearly Best Places for Business and Careers. We've always been known as the biggest city between Minneapolis and Seattle. The good news is more people will take notice - the bad news is more people will take notice :) We don't have RAGBRAI but we do have a nice river plus riding trails.

You'll need to visit to discover the real secrets. Hint: mostly it centers around driving less than an hour in any direction! Let me know and we'll have a grand time. You can all stay at my house - only rule is we don't talk business!

Here's how the top 10 rolls out:

Raleigh NC
Boise ID
Fort Collins CO
Des Moines IA
Lexington KY
Atlanta GA
Richmond VA
Olympia WA
Spokane WA
Knoxville TN


David Reich said...

There must be a typo in that list. Where's New York City?

Bob Glaza said...

heard that DR - I had to do a double check, too LOL

Somebody needs to rattle the folks over at Forbes!

Drew McLellan said...


Looks like we were trend setters...settling down in cities that eventually the rest of the world would notice!


Mack Collier said...

Wow two cities from the state of Washington, congrats!

Bob Glaza said...

Thanks Drew -
Not sure about trends...still no iPhone @ my house :) - but we do get hooked up to city sewer this summer - lol

Mack - I think this report came out before we had 8" of snow over the last week...course, the weather doesn't have too much to do with work - unless your trying to avoid it ;)

Great to hear from both you guys!

aa said...