Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cool the World

When the temperature spikes to 30 degrees, its time for the first bike ride to work. Along come feelings of hope, optimism, and change. One less car contributes to the wellness of everyone. One small change impacts one person at a time.

Ecospace sends a newsletter chockful of items endlessly fascinating items. Today's "buried deep" story links to a haunting music loop by an artist, Deborah Pardes. Its called "Cool the World". Simple melody, wonderful message, and a call to action. As a bonus, it offers anyone with video skills to create a picture show.

Hack away all the doubt and fear. Rid yourself of political bias. Listen to the science. Time for a change, readers. Its not as hard as you think. Make conscious choices. Its real - we have but one journey, one world - let's enjoy the ride.


TheElementary said...

My husband is considering walking or cycling to work just as soon as we get a thaw, perhaps in the next week or so. I was even more motivated yesterday when I looked out my window and saw a neighbour drive 100 feet to the mailbox and reverse back.
For every person who does that, there ought to be ten who walk/cycle or use their vehicle carefully. Small change, big impact. Nice post.

Bob Glaza said...

thank you, thank you TheElementary - shocking when we see others use their auto for such simple things.

We've a late snowstorm in the inland NW today - so I'm on the bus. Another way to make a small change :) - My hope is both you and your husband find moments of pleasure walking and/or cycling when the weather breaks -