Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back to Reality...and isn't it fun!

Seeing how I am in the newspaper business and I occasionally post to this blog while at work - s-s-s-h-h-h don't tell the boss or I may be looking for a real job - I thought writing about industry news might add some credibility.

Today I ran into a couple articles from Direct Marketing News service. The first story deals with monetizing display ads on a website - and how Google has changed it all. Both links in the article are worth reading - one directs you to the president of RightMedia which operates an open marketplace for online media - and the second takes you to a sign up form to participate in an advertising market pilot program. The idea of auctioning display ad placement in a local website is interesting to me

The second story basically talks about how Google blog search is kicking butt on Technorati. Technorati has pretty much owned the blog measurement universe - its the only place I've registered but frankly haven't visited lately. Besides which I thought Google owned 'em anyway :) - wait a minute - newsflash...this blog is suddenly ranked 29, 978 - a HUGE uptick from October (584,076) and 109 blogs link here. The major reason is due to the Z-list meme Mack Collier started. I love ya, Mack! And so do many others. And shame on me for not creating my own Z-list.

The third - and final - story for this post speaks to email authentication and is also from DMNews. Since most of my real job entails managing a home grown opt in list PLUS creating and sending emails, it's topical. Essentially authentication validates your email as coming from you - a real person! The people who develop and implement email marketing applications (solutions) do most of the heavy lifting on this one. They work with providers to get domains approved and accepted. There are many to choose from - we currently use Bronto. More and more ISP's are looking at authentication to stop the incessant flow of spam. If the email is not authentic, it gets bounced. Too many bounces and you get on the bad list and get in all sorts of legal trouble. Although from the looks of my in box - it hardly seems to work.

Just for fun - and maybe networking possibilities - a link to a story on something called "Twitter" from the gang over at MarketingProfs.


Mack Collier said...

Bob now when you talk to others about your blog, you can mention that yours is ranked in the top 30K out of almost SIXTY MILLION blogs! That's an attention-getter!

BobG said...

sixty million - WOW! Thanks Mack - my next project is to consider migrating to wordpress or typepad. Still in the "thinking about it" mode - any thoughts?