Friday, January 19, 2007

Story in 6 words?....No way!

Via Robyn McMasters at Brain Based Biz, I landed at Middle Zone Musings. What a fun contest and exercise. I like the brevity. Reminds me of old Burma Shave signposts

Here's the rules - from Robert. Just 3 days left so get it while you can.

The Contest is now officially open, and I will be accepting entries through Sunday, January 21. Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Read (if you like) the stories in the Wired article above to get a feel for how it’s done.
  2. Write a six-word story! In fact, write a bunch - the more the merrier. (There are really only two rules to this contest: a) use exactly six words, and b) because this is for general consumption, I would appreciate it if you would please keep them G-rated!)
  3. For those of you with blogs, post your entries on your blog, be sure to mention Middle Zone Musings, and place this hyperlink somewhere in your post (very important!) . Then, send me an email to let me know.
  4. For those of you without blogs (and why haven’t you started one yet?), you can enter your submissions via the comments on this post. No need to email me in this case.
  5. In return, I will link back to your post (or mention you by name, if you don't have a blog) several times during the week, and once more in the archive post.
Here's mine:
  1. Bloggers comment. Feedback happens. Community Grows.
  2. Plane slides resulting in passenger panic.
  3. Winter settles in. Birds fly south.
  4. First day of school. Mothers cry.
  5. Powder snow falls. Skiers dream downhill.
  6. Cat snatches mouse. No more pets.
  7. Corn pops, previews flash, movie rolls.
Number one is my favorite.
How about you add some too?


Bob said...

Good ones, Bob! Thanks for stopping by and donating your creativity to enhance the general pool of knowledge!

But... don't stop there - you have through Sunday to come up with more!

Robert Hruzek

BobG said...

Thanks Robert - love that pool but watch out for the sharks :)

Robyn McMaster said...

Bob, glad to see you took up the baton to try a story in six words. Thanks so very much for the link! I especially enjoy your first story, too, "Bloggers comment. Feedback happens. Community Grows." Good luck in the contest!

BobG said...

Thanks Robyn - that's the story that came to me on my noon time walk...aaaahhh - solitude! All I had to do was remember it for an hour so I could write it down -

Maybe I'll win that million dollars?!?! hahahaha

MarkH said...

My blog is

My stories:

For whom the bell tolls, Ernest.

I am said I, a man.
I am said I, a woman.
I am said I, a child

There is only one highest mountain.

Chris Kieff said...

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of dedicated people to change the world. Indeed, it’s all that ever have.”
by Margaret Mead

The Z-list is the embodiment of this quote.

Chris Kieff
Editor: Unconventional Thinking

BobG said...

thank you Chris - I love being a z-lister! Nice you should mention Margaret Mead's quote...I had the opportunity to see her speak and attend a workshop. She left a strong impression.