Friday, January 12, 2007

Seven Lessons in Seven months

This post inspired by MarketingProfs Ann Handley Seven Lessons post. Lewis Green calls her "the Muse" at MP.

Its seven months in the world of blogging for me - to the day - exactly...20 posts...43 comments...a move in Technorati rank 24, 368 with one reader making me a favorite. Note to self - one reader at a time is absolutely OK. I got into this to join in the conversation and - as CK's collage points out to learn. Anything else is frosting.

Lessons I've Learned that have been reinforced since June12, 2006 -

  • You get when you give - its not necessarily about posting but about commenting. I had left a few comments on a few blogs prior to o6.12.2006 and had received a response. It felt like sound in a soundproof room. And no padded walls - yikes! I set about to compose a blog. Suddenly on day 2 of my journey, I left a comment and linked to Mack Collier at the Viral Garden - he said thanks for linking and the fun began.
  • Bloggers care about other bloggers - when I hadn't posted for a while Gavin, THE Servant of Chaos, sent me an email and asked where I'd been? He's got plenty to do. Taking time to ask me was beyond the expected. That email got me back to posting and commenting.
  • Ripples in the water continue to grow - influence in this huge pool comes from many sources. David Armano at Logic and Emotion is one of the very best at dropping the pebbles. The magic is there it only depends on how much you want to make of it.
  • The technology has made it simple - But not easy. Me create a blog? Use XML? Understand a tag? Link to another spot on the web? Yep, simple. Whats not easy is keeping up with all of it. Plus you can do it on the cheap - all it costs is time and we've all got 24 hours.
  • Its easy to get distracted - there are a ton of places to get lost. See Google search :) - adopting some sort of discipline and becoming more selective is a worthy goal. And it all becomes part of the journey.
  • Bloggers are good writers and critical thinkers - just a statement based on observation.
  • We are, as a blogger culture, only now just beginning. Its a culture within a range of cultures. The activity of communicating great distances over topics of common interest can only add to our humanity. Its huge, its vast, and yet only a drop of the potential is evident. We can effect the common good and make the world a better place. Yes, we can change the world.
There's my lessons! There will be many more along this path.


collin said...

great post. I really Digg it when people post things this honest. This is exactly why I started too. How can I look a client in the eye and say he needs to blog if I have never blogged myself? Education seems best when you are doing it!
Keep up the good work

BobG said...

and thank You for stopping by and commenting Collin. Education IS best when we do it!

Robyn McMaster said...

Bob, you are so right about bloggers caring about other bloggers. Mike Wagner sent me an emai when he noticed I had not been around for awhile. Thanks for a great post on bloggers and community.

BobG said...

I LOVE community, Robyn - it does the heart and soul good to hear from those who feel the same. We all need encouragement now and again. The ability to encourage is a virtue of service. Thank you for adding your observation and comment.

Gavin said...

Hey Bob ... good post! The interesting thing is that you have to keep remembering the lessons. You have to keep coming back to your community and your readers ... you have to keep posting and thinking and finding ways to connect. It is never ending ... but is massively rewarding.

It really is about the journey, about a work in perpetual progress ... making friendships one at a time. Looking forward to more from you this year ... 20 posts? I reckon you could do another 50 off the top of your head ... and you HAVE to be a MOVEMBER participant this year. You already have a head start ;)

BobG said...

at least 50 Gavin ;) - but then what would I do tomorrow - lol

Becky Carroll said...

I just found your blog from someone clicking through on the Z-list graphic in your sidebar, so thanks for including it! I have only been at this for a little while, so I appreciate your post musing on these past 7 months. I will do the same as I get farther along! BTW, Mack and Gavin have really encouraged me, too. These guys have a real heart for this community! :-)

BobG said...

Thank you Becky - Gavin and Mack do indeed have a heart for this community. They are excellent models to follow. Keep blogging and have fun!