Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Find out Who likes to Hide

At risk of being part of the echo chamber that Andrew Keen talks about, the Whats Next blog is one of my favorites. B. L. Ochman also sends out a wonderfully scripted newsletter for which you can sign up. This video link is pilfered directly from Salon and features two rabbits - Chou Chou and Buns (one of them likes to hide :), Andrew Keen and Robert Scoble. Its fun to watch though difficult to hear in places. Who comes off as the more credible conversationalist?

Mr. Keen made a guest blogger appearance at sfgate - found here. Plus a live blog with the Globe and Mail in Toronto. Much as I love One Reader and blogging, some of what he says makes a great deal of sense. At the same time, I'm not so much an intellectual thinker to understand all of it. One point where I definitely agree is this bizarre belief among many - some of the dear readers here - that blogs and bloggers can take the place of traditional media. And particularly newspapers <------- I've stated previously and will again - my livelihood depends on newspaper readers. I am one of them.

I plan to read his book - The Cult of the Amateur - if for nothing else than to find out what so many bloggers are so rankled about. What I've read is excerpts of what Keen writes and I'm guessing taken out of context. I hope it comes out in soft cover soon.

Listen to his NPR interview from a couple weeks ago.

We're all about conversation and community here so jump right in. The water is fine :)

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