Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One Year for One Reader

Here is my very first post - one year ago today. I had somehow managed to bungle up the first blog and made it disappear. A mixture of trepidation, confidence and love of the unexpected made me take the next step. I had no clue what I was doing - still don't in many instances :)

Here's the next post - Day 2 - really smokin' now! What exactly it was - I have no idea :)

First post with a comment - guess who?

One Reader at a Time has always been about comments, conversation and sharing - learning and growing. One thing at a time - I'm a rotten multi-tasker. I can do it - but it pretty much ends in disaster. Sure, I've learned about technology and this web 2.0 thing but I've learned more about people. What a kick - here's to a year!

Hope everyone's name is spelled properly and the links work correctly - that magic part works for me most of the time. You heard of the a-list and the z-list...this is the One Reader One Year list. Love and gratitude to all who've dropped a comment. You've encouraged me, challenged me and helped me grow. It means more than you will ever know. Trust me on that one :)

Mack Collier , Bruce Ryerson, CK - dat hippie chick, David Armano, Gavin Heaton, Big Jim, Ann Handley, Shawn, Robyn McMaster, Collin Douma, Becky Carroll, C. B. Whittemore, Elizabeth Perry, Cord Silverstein (he's engaged), Robert Hrudek, Chris Kieff, Ed Reif, The HairyBeast, Rob, Sandy Renshaw, Char, Mike Sansone, Larry Hrnetka, Rose DesRochers, Journalism Watchdog, Ben Spark, CyberPartyGal, Chris Cree, Phil Gerbyshak, Wendy Piersall, Doug Hudiburg, Liz Strauss, Jodee Bock, Greg Balanko-Dickson, Mike Wagner, David Reich, Karin H. aka Kaatje, Amanda Young, Matt Haverkamp, Vernon Lun (the Idea Dude), Mimi Lenox & the Peace Globe, Steve Woodruff, Mario Vellandi, Lewis Green, Ryan Karpeles (Go Hawks!), Matt Dickman, Aunty Hattie, Iowa Bicycle, David Dalka, Hannah Steen, Drew McLellan, Delaney Kirk, Jackie Cameron, Hajj Flemings, Diogenes, Toby Bloomberg, Cam Beck, Chip Griffin, Rhea, Mousey, Phillipe, Jamie, Bond, Bud Weiser, Polliwog, CS, Travis, Annelisa, Leigh, Proxima

May we all discover, experience and learn great things along the path we share!


Mike Sansone said...

Congrats! you've been doing it right, right from the start. One reader, one post, one conversation at a time. To many more!

Matt Dickman said...

Congratulations! You have helped each of us grow as well. Thank you for your dedication and for sharing your unique voice.

CK said...

Oh Bob...you are so much more than a "blogger friend" to me--you're my hippie pal (you just get what's important about these conversations and this community). You know that means the world to me and I just loved seeing your first few posts--ah, how far we've all come!

David Reich said...

Congratulations on one year of One Reader at a Time. Glad to be your friend and fellow newspaper junkie.

Char said...

Happy Blogging Birthday!!! Mine is in 10 days.

Toby said...

Bob - Happy Blog Birthday! One of the best aspects of blogs is that they do change and grow .. sort of like people. Oh blogs are written by "people!" (smile) Looking forward to more great posts and learnings.

Jodee said...

Congrats, Bob! You're doing a great job and I love your insights! I'm proud to be one of your commenters! Here's to many more years of wisdom!

Rose said...

Congrats on one year Bob. Happy Blogging. :)

Mack Collier said...

Congrats on the first year Bob, it's been a heck of a ride so far. For someeone that wasn't sure where the road was going at first, you sure have grabbed the steering wheel and taken off! Glad I could see it and can't wait to see how big One Reader At A Time will be in another year!

BobG said...

Goodness gracious! Take off for a bike ride and look what happens...everybody stops by :) - I should have had coffee on and beer in the fridge :)

Mike - that means a great deal. That IS how it works - one thing at a time

Matt - thanks...the growth seems in proportion to the give - from both writer and reader.

CK - what can I say...you're the one who keeps reminding me of hip - you got it. Community is where conversations grow. Pretty exotic first posts, eh? :) - how far indeed!

David - now its starting to feel like an awards ceremony :) and nothing wrong with that - just glad there's a few of us junkies left to read that ink! More to the point - buy it :)

Char - 10 days? thats the day after the beginning of my 50 something revolution around the Sun ;) - celebrate and keep everyone posted :)

Toby - thank you, thank you, thank you - you sparked me to write on my art passion. So much more percolating under the surface.

Jodee - I'm glad you come back. ND holds a special spot in my family. Its a place too often overlooked.

Now everybody get back to what you were doing - enough of this celebrating business :)

BobG said...

Thank you Rose - I'll always aim for happiness

And Mack - you mean one year won't do it?!?! It ain't quittin' time? Seriously, I can already feel how this journey can evolve. It's trite but it seems like only yesterday that first post went up. Many many thanks to you and your voice.

Ryan Karpeles said...

Many congratulations, Bob! Thank YOU for everything YOU've done.

You're a remarkable person and a blessing to us all. Thanks again :)

Philippe said...

Happy Blogday, Bob. And Thanks for your unique blog.

Keep on blogging, deadhead!

Karin H. said...

Hi Bob

Can I have a coffee too?


Karin H. (keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

David Armano said...


Congratulations. You've been inspirational to me as well. Thanks for choosing to become an active participant. We're all better for it. :)

Lewis Green said...

Congratulations Bob. I am so glad to have discovered you, my Northwest friend. Keep the posts coming.

Matt Haverkamp said...

Congrats Bob! Keep up the storytelling and keep inspiring. I am honored to be part of your list.

Jackie Cameron said...

I too am honoured ( Scottish spelling) to be part of your list. Thank you for inpspiring me - even though I have only been with you a wee while.

Here's to the next year

Cord Silverstein said...


Congrats on your one year anniversary!! I hope for many many more to come. It has been an absolute pleasure reading your blog, but even more importantly, getting to know you Bob. I greatly appreciate your friendship.

Robyn McMaster said...

Happy Blogversary, Bob! You're a really cool friend who I find has lots in common like me -- like taking on turtle speed at times [which I discovered is really fast when they're in water.] ;-0

BobG said...

Gadzooks! What a popular place this has become! I am humbled by your flattering comments -

Ryan - You're this blogs Hawkeye connection - a wonderful model for the future of marketing. Your messages continue to amaze me. Enjoy the unique feeling of graduating as long as you can. Then get back to learning for life!

Phillipe - You see right through me. Deadhead to the core:) The series of interviews you did truly shed light on some terrific community members.

Karin - Coffee is always on for you :) Not to move away K.I.S.S. but do you care for cream and sugar? If so , I'll need to restock the pantry and fridge -

DA - A person with ideas and concepts so uniquely yours needs the inspiration of many. You give so much it is only fitting you receive more and more. It is a pleasure to be part of your community of conversation architects.

Lewis - Finding out you spent so much time in this corner of the US was one of those pleasant surprises blogging allows. As you freely spread comments on a variety of topics, you challenge my thinking. Thank you.

Matt - You have one of the all time great blog names...and that hair!!! Your a darn fine storyteller in your own right - keep on keepin' on.

Jackie - its fun to know someone from Scotland - even just a wee bit :) - and sharing through art is one of the best ways to learn more. Thank you and may the next years be many!

Cord - As a fellow friend to Deadheads we have something in common right from the start. SOme say from jump street - I say from Shakedown Street. You are to be congratulated for your dynamite blog and instinct. To friendship and future - hear, hear!

Robyn - the brain is what we use in pulling all this conversation together. Thank you for helping us to remember the many facets. Indeed, you and I find much in common through the sharing. Its hard for me not to think of the turtle meme at every article I read. They are an amazing reptile worthy of many lessons.

Mike Wagner said...


I can really relate to your observation about how you've "learned more about people" than technology.

Step into any conversation and you'll get a lesson in human nature.

Thanks sharing your unique point of view!

Keep creating,

BobG said...

You're right, Mike. The part of blog community conversation I thrive on is the welcoming aspect. Were it not for that, learning about "the people behind the words" would be impossible. Thank you for your voice -

C. B. Whittemore said...

Bob, congratulations on a momentous first year, and here is to many, many more marvelous posts!

BobG said...

Thank you C.B. :)

Delaney Kirk said...

Happy Blogversary! What did we do before we had all these virtual friends?

Cam Beck said...

Great job, Bob! You don't look a second over 364 days. :)

BobG said...

I'm not sure Delaney :) - it sure a kick meeting new people though

Hey Cam - thanks...its the good clean living makes me look that way ;)

Gavin Heaton said...

Nice one Bob -- one year! And it seems like only yesterday. I can remember when I first started to see your name in comments around the web -- and being the curious sort of fellow I am, I decided to check you out! I must say I am pleased to have done so ;)

Here's to many more blog birthdays.

BobG said...

Gavin - it does seem just a short time ago. I'm sure glad you're the curious sort...I've said it before - you gave me the kick start when I needed it. We should start a mutual admiration society because for my money "Servant of Chaos" continues to kick it up a notch at a time :)

Echoing the best of years to come -

Toby said...

Bob - what a nice thing to say that I 'sparked you to write about your art passion.' that made my hot'lanta day! looking forward to those posts.

BobG said...

Its true Toby - glad to make your day - warm in Atlanta, eh? :)

Drew McLellan said...


Congrats on your blogiversary! You just keep doing what you're doing!

I can't wait to see where you take us in the upcoming year!