Monday, January 14, 2008

Footprint Awareness - Days 2 & 3

Saturdays trash that would normally go into the garbage can is to the right - three Papa Murphy's take and bake pizza trays (had to have bread AND cinnamon twirl), a couple to go coffees, napkins, straws, etc. Sundays was more of the same minus the pizza ( I ate at Subway). It ain't pretty! It's garbage for pete sake :) I've only had to go into the trash can to retrieve items 4 or 5 times. Some habits are hard to break! And I didn't open my mail on Saturday - it was all bills!

This is turning into a fascinating experiment. Thinking before acting makes a big difference. Already, I am imagining ways to cut down my footprint. In measurement experiment, there needs to be a control number or base. Creating a base wight of garbage for comparison purposes is the goal this week. I'll weigh it on Friday. Next week, I'll implement ways of making the whole mess lighter.

Living low impact has been part of my lifestyle for a number of years. I live in the Pacific Northwest - its crunchy here - so it goes with the territory. We recycle, we hug trees, we ride bikes (not like Portland but....), we sell aluminum! Still, focusing in this specific way is sharpening some thoughtless actions.


David Reich said...

Tracking your footprint is a good idea, since it makes you aware of how we waste resources as individuals.

Here in my office building, they don't recycle paper. I thought it was a city law, but maybe this building is small enough to slide underneath that requirement. Either way, I collect all the newspapers and other paper that can be recycled and I dump them in a collection bin in a building nearby. It means shlepping an armload of paper a few times a week, but I feel like I'm doing my part, however small it may be.

Bob Glaza said...

One armload at a time David - every "litter" bit helps :) And one person at a time. Small is the new big, you know :) It would make sense to have some sort of city recycling law but shockingly most officials feel its on the individual.

And maybe it is?!?! Individual citizens built this country, there's no reason we can't make it better.

I'm looking for a place to recycle mail waste. Or at least get off a few lists. Thank you for commenting.

TheElementary said...

This is a great blog about change and doing your part. It makes for very interesting and enlightening reading, that's for sure. I am enjoying reading this.
I write about simple living too, more so frugality and self-discipline though, than recycling. It all helps, I think!


Bob Glaza said...

Thank you, Elementary, for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love discovering insight into simple living and am a big believer in little bits.