Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trash total from week Two

My trash from week 2 weighed in at 1.22 lbs - which is nearly 3 lbs. less than last week. Most of the savings came by planning ahead - taking coffee in my own mug - thanks Next Door - and packing a thermos of milk for lunch. Those "to go" cups make a big difference. I've even switched to a mug if sitting in the coffee shop!

Planning ahead makes a huge difference. In all fairness, this weigh in did not include all of the junk mail - like last week. There is a place in town - EarthWorks - that takes mixed use paper for a small fee of $.08 per pound. They shred it and send it to an outfit that makes some sort of outdoor equipment. Deb says the next step is to "follow our trash" to see where it really ends up! That might take some serious planning.

One thing for certain - this exercise showed me that just thinking about waste makes a huge difference. It effects the choices I make.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Bob. Nice work. I began ordering my coffee either "for here in a mug" or with a tumbler more than a decade ago. It really adds up.

Bob Glaza said...

thats what I'm talkin' about Lewis - it DOES add up...and my java even tastes better :)