Friday, January 18, 2008

Trash Stinks after a week!

Phew!!! Gross is right. The odor was beginning to raise a few eyebrows. Ya think I should have rinses out the milk cartons and yogurt containers? Here's my total trash accumulation for a week - 4 lb 1.5 oz. It would have weighed a little lower but my 15 year old alarm clock broke on Thursday - I loved that clock.

A couple things about this first week of the experiment surprised me. Number one was how much more aware I became about alternative choices. There is something to be said for experiential learning. My brain focused on choices for the future. There were a couple times mid-week that I wanted to switch to a reusable coffee cup. But to set a base trash weight (BTW), I had decided that business as usual was best. Secondly, this was a "light" mail week - and still it added a lot to the gross total. Really torn between ending direct mail solicitations from my favorite causes or finding a local recycler that takes mixed paper i.e. junk mail. Thirdly, there were a ton of places I visited focused on reduce, reuse and recycle. Either I was just more aware or there is something in the air.

Future forward design for the world you inhabit - Inhabit

No Impact Man - a family in NYC challenging current convention and behavior. The blog that inspired my experiment.

Sustainable Living with a Lighter Footstep.

Trashformations - a blog about fun and easy ways to live green.

THE spot to learn more - Co-op America - Economic action for a just planet. Membership is a bargain!


Bright Future said...

Hey Bob,

I love the blog you have over here. I was wondering if I could inspire you to write for my website, Your personal reflections and activities regarding conserving and saving the planet would make a very fresh and authentic voice on Bright Future. You could even use some of your old or current posts from here. Please email me if you are interested or sign up at I look forward to hearing from you.

Randy Bisenz

Jackie Cameron said...

Thanks for sharing this week with us Bob. Although I recycle already it was a timely reminder of how I could always do more by making different choices.
Looking forward to seeing how this develops!

Bob Glaza said...

Thanks Randy - I'll be in touch via a quick glance it looks like a nice blog and site you have developed.

and to you Jackie - thank you. I've learned you to be a conscientious leader - recycling just one of your good qualities. It's always a plus when we can share reminders and choices.

Robyn McMaster said...

Good for you, Bob! I checked back to note your progress. You keep inspiring me as you work to cut down on the amount of goods you are using and then "trashing."

My husband and I just began to recycle.

Bob Glaza said...

thanks Robyn - what more can I ask for than a new recycling friend :)