Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Pox on Plastic Bags

The collectors come right right to the end of my driveway every Thursday. This week the Rubbermaid container is a bit lighter. I'm holding my personal trash to weigh until tomorrow. Its contained in two carry-out plastic bags. Odd for someone who has committed to shrinking his footprint. While I've carried only one plastic bag into the house in 2008, I am a product of the 21st century.

But wait - there appears to be a movement afoot! The NYC council has passed a law for business to recycle plastic bags. San Francisco leads the way in the US with an outright BAN on plastic bags. Melbourne, Australia and Sydney close, also ban the blight that has become a bottomless pile in kitchens around the world. China's cabinet has issued a ban, along with a fine for usage after June 1. Today at my Toastmaster's Club, a woman delivered a speech on recycling. Something is in the air!

Anne Barnard wrote the Times piece and also the blog post. Be sure to check the comments section for the wit that only New Yorkers can share. I particularly like the first one :) I'm skeptical at how successful an initiative directed at merchants can be. But it is an excellent first step.

One of the bloggers at The Blue Voice, marigolds2, posts a snappy entry with great links. My favorite is reusable bags - a site with endless choices previously mentioned. If you're into chic, colorful and home grown then Baggubags is your spot. Created and distributed by mother and daughter, Joan and Emily, they are in CA.


Mario Vellandi said...

I'm happy they ask me 'would you like a bag' for small purchases. Bookstores and grocers are notorious not doing this.

In Germany, it's quite customary that one brings one's own bags for most all purchases. In supermarkets you have to pay 10c for small bags and 20c for large (tacked onto the bill).
Clothing and department stores are the cultural exception because of the weather and folding/crease marks (and for advertisement purchases when you're walking around).

The TBV Crew said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog and for the link here in your post, Bob. You have a very interesting blog here, I'm particularly interested in your trash footprint experiment. Getting our trash output down is an ongoing effort in my household.
Marigolds2, environmental writer at The Blue Voice

Bob Glaza said...

mario - thanks for your insight and observation. I love to be asked the "would you like a bag?" question. Really notice it at the smaller shops I frequent. You are a lucky one to have experienced the culture outside US

Marigolds2 - Your welcome - my comment at tbv is is the link. Discovering your blog today was a high point! Keep up your good work -