Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blog of the Day

Sometimes I like to blend into a crowd - feel part of the bigger group - a small piece in the community. Its why I like to visit the big cities - NY, Seattle, Chicago, SF, Dallas - and the busy cities - Las Vegas. While its never often enough - I'd love to get back to Florence, Italy...and Roma - the memories last. Its also one reason I like going to concerts, art openings and large public events. Blending in and being another face in the crowd. There is even a certain degree of anonymity. Being a part of something big - so big as to be lost in it. Being part of building and connecting in a blogging community lends itself to this feeling at times.

At other times I like to stand out. Don't we all? Admit it even though its a rhetorical question. Of course we do! Its human nature. We're human. It adds value to our lives. It feels good. Today I'm recognized at Fuel My Blog in the upper right corner - Blog of the Day - on the business page - woo-hoo! A growing community with their very own blog! Kevin does a wonderful job of responding to comments and updating the community. In the midst of an upgrade as of today, it looks like Friday will be go live. I've been involved in a few "go live" projects (though none for websites) and can imagine the excitement going through his veins. What a thrill for him and his entire team!

When not blog of the day - you'll find me just under Sandy and at 4 o'clock from C.B. I'm honored to be in such a great neighborhood. I'm part of the wall and a blog in the crowd :) One of the aspects I really like is the diversity of blogs at Fuel. Near as I can tell, the creators (producers? directors? owners? administrators?) are in Europe. International travel on a low budget :)

It comes down to a balance of blending in and standing out. We all have those needs. Building and creating blog conversation permits the chance to experience both human needs.

How do you allow both needs to flourish through your blogging?


C. B. Whittemore said...

Thanks, Bob! And Congrats on being Blog of the Day at Fuel My Blog. It's very nice being yours and Sandy's neighbor.

abhisek said...

Nice blog. I am glad I came across your blog! :)

BobG said...

Great to have good neighbors, C.B. - and thanks abhisek - I'll be visiting your blog, too -

ME Strauss said...

Kevin's doing a great job isn't he? He's Irish I think living in France as I recall. He's just the nicest guy you ever meet. So, Bob, your international travel is even more international. :)

BobG said...

Yes he is, Liz - Kevin has a great page and blog. I love how it crosses borders and people. Makes it an ever richer experience!