Saturday, February 24, 2007

An SOB and I didn't even realize it...

No one ever accused me of being overly fast - fact is I don't run for the simple fact I don't like to have both my feet off the ground at the same time :)

Yep - it's true - a month ago - week 65 SOB's - (one of my favorite numbers by the way). Thank you Ms. Strauss - I am convinced you are one in a million! A happiness influencer!

I can be a Successful AND Outstanding Blogger. Wait - I am! I'd like to thank everyone for the consistent encouragement and comments. Its a bit like going into the Hall of Fame. I sincerely feel the support of all the SOB's in this blog nation. Check it out - I even got the purple button (puffing chest out)

Here's the class I went in with - we're the 65'ers:
Tino Buntic - the 2K Blogger Guy
Greg Balanko - Business Coach
Gifter - the Internet Wishing Well
Robert Hruzek - Middle Zone Musings (written by a guy with a GREAT first name:)
Mike Wagner - Own Your Brand - a wonderful posting on becoming an SOB
Todd And - Marketing meets Media and connects - what a concept :)
Jodee Bock - You Already Know This Stuff

That's some tall cotton. I believe a visit to each spot in SOB nation worthy of our eyes and our hearts. Don't forget the CON in May!

And, DA - if you see this...looks like I was already an SOB when you called me one last week - ;)


ME Strauss said...

I've had that happen. . . . Congratulations. You write like water. :)

Jodee said...

Congrats, Bob! We were both SOBs at the same time! There must be some message there, huh?

Greg Balanko-Dickson said...

Looks like we are in great company Bob. Looking forward to getting to know you better!

BobG said...

Thanks for the great compliment, Liz - love all analogies to water -

Jodee - we'll figure out the message somewhere along the line. BTW, great video clips on your blog. I even took notes :)

Indeed, Greg - we now have at very minimum the chance to know each other a little better - wouldn't have ever happened without blogging, eh?

Robyn McMaster said...

Bob, congrats! I note that both you and Mike Wagner were slow on the draw! I can't picture either one of you as slow!

BobG said...

Awww shucks, Robyn :) - flattery will get you anywhere :) - Mike just sent me an email...intimating I made him feel like a gazelle!

Michael Wagner said...

I AM fast like a gazelle - just ask Bob!

That's what I tell people now. Grin.

Honored to be an SOB with you and Jodee and the others.

Keep creating,

Chris Cree said...

Bob, I ran track in high school, ran cross country and rowed crew (with lots of extra running on the side) in college then spent 6 years doing weekly road work in the military.

Now my personal philosophy is to only run when chased! I tried to run in a downpour the other day. After (almost) two blocks I decided I'd rather be soaked.

All that to say I bet you're faster than me these days! Congratulations, Bob!

BobG said...

Thank you, thank you - You all have NO idea how slow I am :) one of my totem symbols is Turtle - a favorite Aesop's fable is "The Tortoise and the Hare" - and I collect turtle artifacts, symbols, and images.

Chris - you can join in the Spokane Fun Run (there's an oxymoron) called Bloomsday - wait...thats the weekend of SOBcon - maybe another year :)

Bob said...

Congratulations, Bob, on achieving one of the truly great milestones of the blogging world!

I'm talking, of course, about the great first name, er, I mean, SOBdom! :D

Way to go, Bob!

And speaking of turtles, you might be interested in Karin's post...

BobG said...

LOL - Bob - not only a great name but a palindrome at that!

Thanks for the link!