Friday, February 16, 2007

How Many Places Can You Go?

Or how much do you wanna bite off? :) I've added a couple widgets. These are markings along my blog journey. As I visit more and more places in the blogging community, I see how creative is this path. First widget added this week - Criteo Autoroll - came as a result of an email from Jean-Baptiste. He found One Reader from the Tino's 2000 Bloggers list. I know that has been a controversial page in some circles - oh, well! Autoroll is in beta and it displays links to blogs your readers like. There are metrics in place to analyze reader habits. I'll be watching and feeding back to J-B. The catch is that autoroll functions if its also on the blog that is viewing yours. Add it if you choose. More community building!

The second one is to the Great Wall of Blogs at fuelmyblog. Purple Wren posted about this site last week. I signed on by following her lead. I'm on the Life page and the Business page. As it turns out, I will be on only one by next week - against the rules to be on 2 walls with the same blog :) - but won't know which one! They had a contest to see which blogger could give the best review of the site and the results are here. It was a tie - read Drew's Flatwater Music and CyberPartyGal to find out a little more how it all works. The wizards continue to amaze me. This blog is now committed to 5 years advertising on the Wall. There are still some spots left so get on over there!

Thirdly, I added "Word of the Day". I love words and building vocabulary!

And finally, I went into a recording studio last weekend. See the MOG widget just under "Word of the Day". I share a little homegrown music with you!


Drew said...

Hey Bob,

Thanks for visiting my site. That one had the better review. My better blog however is The Benspark which is Thanks for the link to my site Flatwater Bookstore, which I will probably just change to Flatwater eventually. Thanks so much for visiting me and commenting.

Also if you are looking for new daily content you can add my Photo-A-Day widget to your blog. Details are on my sidebar of The BenSpark.

BobG said...

I'll check it out Ben - thanks for stopping and commenting!

Sandy Renshaw said...

Hi Bob,

Glad you found the Great Wall of Blogs. It's fun to see familiar faces there. I'm on the business page.

Thanks for the link!


BobG said...

As always - you're welcome Sandy. I first went to life wall, then to business wall. Me thinks I'll get tossed from one in the next week or so :)

Sandy Renshaw said...

HI Bob,

I see we're neighbors on the business wall. And Christine is right there, too.

Good location!


BobG said...

Location, location, location Sandy - its a nice neighborhood :)

Have a great day!

Cyberpartygal said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks for stopping by my blog to read my Fuel My Blog review.

May you be the most Successful AND Outstanding Blogger ever =)

BobG said...

And thanks to you, CBG - the best ever? WOW!