Thursday, February 08, 2007

Connections in this small world

The original intent of this post is not how its going to turn out. I had intended to talk about my plans to ride in RAGBRAI this summer. But reality set in. I'll write more about this ride as winter turns to spring and then to summer. There is plenty of time.

My reflection turns to the communities we build through blogging. The people we meet and how our lives intersect. I trace my blog beginnings - and woderment - to one particular August post and 3 particular bloggers - David Armano, Mack Collier, and Gavin Heaton. They write at MarketingProfs, too. Their writings have influenced the way I approach communicating via this little blogspot. They continually remind me that sharing is the key to fulfillment - and to successful living/blogging. I've never met any of these fine fellows - nor any of you reading this - but somehow feel a kinship. And gratitude. After my August WOW moment, I drifted away from One Reader. Life happens!

Out of the blue, Gavin sends me an email - wonders where I've been and how come no posts? I mess around a little more - make a few posts - and then hear about mybloglog. Lo and behold - among the many I have begun building relationships with there - I bump into Gavin. We exchange links and join each others community. Imagine my shock when only tonight, I discover his father-in-law was in a terrible cycling accident in December. Gavin has created a site to monitor his progress. My thoughts are with his family. I hope for a swift and solid recovery.

Here's my point - this rock in space keeps moving. Each of us has our own lives. Those lives collide, intersect, and interconnect in the most fascinating ways. All of this has happened in a mere 6 months - thats a blink in time. Amidst all the madness we are given a gift to share with one another - our selves. It's a bit altruistic to believe the world becomes a better place through building relationships...but I believe it does. It is a thrill to experience.

What about relationships and community have surprised you through blogging?


Gavin said...

Hey Bob ... thanks for the kind words, and dropping by Noel's blog. It has been amazing to see how useful, engaging and IMPORTANT that the blog has been to Noel's friends and family.

And, can you believe it, the nurses LOVE IT. Though I don't think they comment ... I know they read it.

Ann Handley said...

I hear you, Bob! It is a thrill!

BobG said...

Thanks to both of you for connecting and commenting - this is a heartfelt post. I'm sure you are amazed Gavin. My bride is a nurse so I understand how they follow the blog and how they show patient care - they ARE a quiet lot at times, too - but they KNOW everything and don't miss a beat :)