Saturday, February 03, 2007

Adding Color to Your Interior

Last Friday I walked into the office with a couple flats of primroses. It was a dreary February day. By the time I got in, both official groundhog viewings were history - just one of the advantages to living on the left coast of the US. It felt good to add a little color to the space. Heck, it felt good to carry a little color from point A to point B.

You should have seen the faces light up! "Are those for me?" "Oh, how lovely!" "Are you planting a garden?" These are simple little flowers. They were real cheap - under a buck a piece. The conversation around them brightened everyones day. Several writers who post blogging tips blogging advise adding color and graphics. I got to looking at One Reader and found it lacking in graphics. Which is unlike the me. I like art. I like images. I like color. Sandy at the Purple Wren brings it on so check here.

Does any of it matter? Of course it does...try it this week. But you decide...add a bit of color to your interior - see if it doesn't add a smile.

I'm thinking of tossing in a few tomatoes in the coming weeks.


Sandra said...

Hi Bob,

Love your post. It's amazing how little things make such a difference. Reminds me to go pick up some flowers. Thank you.

And thanks for the link!


BobG said...

Of course, Sandra - and thank you for the comment. Its always nice to be a reminder agent :)