Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Not Quite Dead Yet

One of my favorite Monty Python taglines.

I've had a couple conversations about media and newspapers with Lewis and Cord. We haven't gone into great detail. They gave me the chance to comment on great posts. Which is a chance to share thoughts and feelings. A-a-a-h - conversation and communication. I love it!

Just as I love whats called traditional media. Point of fact it pays the bills - its in my blood. Its been a tough battle with no end in sight. Competition for readers - and ad dollars - is fierce which is why I'm thrilled to have one at a time on this blog. Lets think for a minute how the media impacts us. Did you look or listen to any news today? Its rhetorical, so of course you did - in any number of ways - print, video, radio, digital. We all desire to carry on some sort of conversation on current events and topics of interest in our community. How long does new (emerging) media stay "new"?

Today the Center for Media Research sends a email message titled:

"According to new and revised data from the World Association of Newspapers, newspaper circulation is growing and new newspapers are being launched at a remarkable rate."
Read the entire report here.

MicroPersuasion weighs in with some stats on magazine advertising sales.

And LG posts an outstanding reason why some newspapers stumble. (I think he still loves the feel of print on paper :) - Some papers regain their stride, some don't. Local news sells the local paper. We can get world news from the vast expanse I'm typing into right now - the machine!

We're not quite dead yet. If you stopped subscribing to your local newspaper, did you have a reason? Take another look and see what you think. Let me know.

*technical question for anybody - for some reason the when I insert the typepad trackback url a message is returned "pings and trackback function must consist of HTTP" - so I've linked to the page url. Is this a problem on my end? (no wisecracks now)


Cord Silverstein said...


I don't know if you saw it, but last week the Publisher of the New York Times was asked if he felt like they would still be printing the newspaper in 5 years and he said I do not know. The fricken New York Times!

Journalism Watchdog said...

Those are 2005 numbers in the report, and we all know what happened last year. (Also, Arthur is addressing the troops tomorrow re the future of the Times in print)


BobG said...

Thanks Cord and journalism watchdog - the NYT not printing? Egads! Yes, we know what happened last year, the year before, and every year for the past twenty - depressing, frightening, predictable - yet, I remain hopeful. Good journalists stay hungry!