Thursday, May 03, 2007

Higher education pays off BIG time

If this is the kind of thinking skills university graduates are carrying into the market...there is greater hope for the future of organizations than I imagined. We need more focus on this type thinking, learning and imagination. Ryan Karpeles at Living Light Bulbs reminds us to look for the silver linings in everyday things. But how he reminds us is by asking the question - what if?

I often speak of biases and have committed to admit mine - at least the ones I've learned to know and love. This is a strong one - the University of Iowa is my alma mater. (disclosure: it was - ahem - 30 years ago and my degree is in Painting). So I feel a special pride extending this blog love and congratulations to Ryan for his outstanding accomplishment (thanks CK for the tip). And especially when I read this quote about making a "silk purse out of a sow's ear" (my analogy) :

For instance, if your boss tells you to go to the bank and cash some checks for her, don't get caught up in how lowly that task makes you feel. Instead, be glad that you get to leave the office, spend some time alone, get some fresh air, and possibly meet some interesting people along the way. I realize that I might be a little too optimistic and fluffy about all this, but I honestly believe there are nuggets of gold in 99% of these crappy situations. Our job is simply to find them.
How many of us referred to our boss as "her" upon college graduation? Or even yesterday? Or ever? So Ryan has learned a bit about gender equity - BRAVO! That's not to say we're even close to any sort of equity but we're talking recent college graduate about to hit the street - there is HOPE.

I hope Ryan never feels too optimistic or fluffy. We as a community and as a citizenry need more of whatever kool aid they pass out at university!

And be sure to check out his Italia pictures!


CK said...

What a great, kind post. I love your positive nature and agree that most of us don't refer to bosses as a "she". We do need to look for the silver linings and the little things as Ryan encourages. He's just too smart for so young, eh? And I love how much he credits bloggers for extending his education.

Thanks for this uplifting piece...what a terrific way to start the weekend ;-).

BobG said...

thats what I'm sayin' CK ! - the boy is either a quick study or far more of a thinker than most. Too smart is right! I believe you refer to him as an old soul. One thing for sure - when my undergrad days came to an end I wasn't as reflective as Ryan. He's a winner!
Hope your weekend is a grand one! Mine's still a few hours off :)

Ryan Karpeles said...

Wow Bob. Many many thanks. And I greatly appreciate the Hawkeye love as well :)

Keep up the awesome work, and I will definitely be returning in the very near future. The blogosphere seems to get even more remarkable by the minute...

Thanks so much once again.

BobG said...

Your welcome Ryan - you deserve all the accolades possible. I agree about the minute by minute blogosphere remarkability :) Amazing the path that weaves its way. Will always love my Hawkeyes, Ryan - just as you shall discover!