Friday, May 04, 2007

Spokane River

A year of the Spokane River at Monroe Street

This is the mighty river that runs through my town. Its an everyday view on my afternoon walk. Click the image to view it in Picasa. I've set the slide show sequentially beginning with May 2006 and ending with April 2007. I only wish the roar could crush your ears like it does mine. Who knows? The way technology explodes it may already be possible. I just haven't found out how to do it.

This is the initial spot of generating electricity for a town on the brink of 300, 000 residents - or so I understand.

I took 2 photos each month for a year and recorded the flow in cubic feet per second. Tried to get close to the same angle but as you can see - it wasn't always successful. Remembering from one hour to the next is challenging enough - but month to month?!?! Memory...what a concept :) Thats just one difference between me and a professional photographer. Its my first attempt at showing "home" photos on One Reader. I tried music a little while ago. It didn't work all that well. But don't think I'm giving up on that one :) Why NOT bite off more than you can chew?


Lewis Green said...


How did I miss that you are a Spokane guy. I lived in Seattle for 20 years and often came to Spokane, sometimes as a guest of the local radio stations. (That was when I was a travel writer.) Love the city and am a big fan of Gonzaga.

BobG said...

I don't know how that slipped by Lewis - reckon it never came up :) - I've been here 30 years now having grown up in the Midwest - Iowa. My graduate degree is from Gonzaga so I have a real love for the place.

How long since you been gone?