Thursday, May 10, 2007

I won the lottery!

Not THAT lottery - my favorite response to that lottery is "what the heck would I do with that much $$$"?!?!... No - I'm talking about the RAGBRAI lottery. I'm #88695. The chance to ride across the great state of Iowa in July! This is the way Pork Belly Ventures (my support friends, Tammy & Pete) put it - on the t-shirt

"its not so much the heat...its the stupidity!"

A bit of history on this fun ride from my lens. Thirty-five years ago it began with a simple idea from a writer, Donald Kaul, who's column called "Over the Coffee" was part of my daily ritual. As I recall, the term was "dumb" idea. My response was pretty typical of most Iowans who read the Des Moines Register, "what kind of fool would ride a bicycle from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River". You see, Iowans have a certain sensibility about the heat and humidity of summer - do as little as possible. Its not so much a belief as a state of mind. I've carried it with me during the 30 years I've lived in Washington. It's not so humid here but its hot.

So how does it come to be that more than 8500 fools would want to sweat across the state in 2007? More specifically - what changed my mind? In a nutshell, it promises to be a challenge and fun. There's something about accepting fun challenges that drives individuals. Its one of the reasons I blog at One Reader - its a challenge and fun to bring story telling to people. Not to mention being part of the magic associated with technology. Linking here and linking there. Conversation and connection with some creative minds. Its the simple things for which we live.

The small towns dotted over the verdant Iowa landscape are full of friendly folks. Its a chance to reconnect with my roots. There is even an overnight stop in Dyersville - home to the famous "Field of Dreams". A bit touristy but what the heck! I've been there before - just not on a bike. I've even hooked up with a member of the Iowa Blogga Nostra. I hooked up via email with Doug Mitchell who purports to meet up with me in Cedar Falls :). He says he's "in better shape" this year. Maybe I can meet a few more of you :)

So I train on! 300 cycling miles logged as of today. A test will come on June 3rd when I ride my first half-century (fancy term for 50 miles) - the Cancer Patient Care's Loreen Miller Memorial Ride. I'll let you know!

Near as I can tell Donald Kaul's current gig.
Link to the Des Moines Register online newspaper

update: My brother Tom - along with Mo, his wife - are planning to join me in Cedar Falls, too.


Robyn McMaster said...

Bob, you know I'm rooting for you in this ride. Go with gusto!

Iowa Bicycle said...

Long time Fatty reader, first time commenter. Nice to see that you are doing RAGBRAI. It's going to be a wonderful ride!

BobG said...

Thanks Robyn - I need to make it through this 50 mile - then I'll have a bit of an idea

Iowa bicycle - thanks for commenting. Hope to catch up with you soon. How many rides have you been on?