Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Page of Flakes

When Steve Woodruff at StickyFigure sent me an email about a marketing portal and use flake in the same sentence...well, I thought he was getting a little personal :). But seriously, he has put together a terrific little nugget to keep track of some favorite blogs. You can chew on it right here. Yum-m-m-m! I am seriously humbled to be in the company of this group. I like how Steve has broken out the categories. He placed One Reader in the Social Media tab. Mike Sansone at Converstations compares the page to a bear paw - or is that bear claw? I like Mike's thought on using the tool as a blogroll.

It leads me back to a reflection of the importance of keeping regular with posting on a blog - this one in particular. Just like breakfast - its an important part of the day! You see - and some of you know - I've been on vacation. Yes, it was nice - thank you! We had a terrific time in Seattle. Kicked back and did a whole lot of nothing - except walking, talking and generally crowd watching. As a result, valued readers and friends have come by and seen a stale post. Albeit a good one ;). Now its time to ramp it up for I found 3 things I missed - my guitar, my bike, and blogging. Jamming on Sunday took care of my music jones. Rode my bike into work today so my heart rate went up! And now a brief post. Were it not for the encouraging email from Steve, Mike's post on the new breakfast and a visit to PageFlakes - I'd still be engaging my time with the drudgery of work rather than being amazed at the creativity and inventiveness of my fellow humans!

So what do you think - blogs for breakfast? better than oatmeal? or into the night? when is your favorite blog time?

Link to TechCrunch all about pageflakes


David Reich said...

Welcome back, Bob. Hope you're nice and relaxed and refreshed.

My favorite blog time is, frankly, whenever I get the chance. But I blew it a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful Saturday and my wife wanted me to go with her to take the dog for a run in the woods down the street. I said, give me just a few minutes.

An hour later, I realized she and the dog were gone. I ran outside to catch up, only to find them rounding the corner coming back home.

My wife didn't make me dinner for 2 weeks, and when she went to the cleaners, she took her things and left mine in the hamper.

I now blog early morning before leaving for work, or later at night. But I am careful about the time. I like to eat, and I'm not a good cook.

Anonymous said...

wow, i just checked out that public pageflakes page. it's so easy to setup... pretty addictive too ;-). love it, thanks for the tip.


BobG said...

Ya David! - eating is one of my favorite things too :) - the balance between blogging and other...in your example home :)...is continual for me. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I've been down the "gimme a minute" road, too. Contrary to popular belief - silence is far from golden LOL - Even with all the tips on fitting blog time into 24 hours, its a new way of thinking for many of us - me anyway -

marc - thanks for commenting at one reader. Pageflakes is a little addictive - especially for those of us who tend toward that type personality :)

Steve Woodruff said...


Glad you like the portal. It has been enjoyable putting it together and growing it...even if I gain new nicknames in the process!

Steve "McKibben" Woodruff

BobG said...

Jeepers Steve - LOL - I apologize. As one whose name is "altered" often, I usually pay closer attention! I'll change it right now :)

Chris said...

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