Thursday, May 24, 2007

If You Miss the Train

there's another one coming - right on schedule! Peter, Paul, and Mary sang this folk song 40 years ago. The refrain includes the phrase "you can hear the whistle blow 100 miles". Its a catchy tune. Its great to play at a bluegrass jam - easy lyrics, easy 3-chord progression and any key. When I committed to RAGBRAI there were some suggestions for training. One of them was to log 600 cycling miles before July. I hit the mark this week. Riding every day got me to the goal quicker than expected. I hum this song - A LOT - lately.

My goal at One Reader blog is building and forming a community around comment and conversation. Liz Strauss gives us 10 reasons to write and publish every day. They are worthy of deeper consideration. Practicing the intent behind them - to become a better writer and ultimately a better person - seems almost virtuous. Bloggers skilled in posting everyday reach goals quicker.

Just like a cyclist riding every day - I can write something every day :)


diogenes said...

Liz says it very forcefully. I wish you success in this goal. And I can see you attaining this goal soon, or have you already achieved that?

BobG said...

Thanks Dio - my goal of riding across Iowa will be attained in July. So you can say I'm still in "training". Logging many miles on my bike.

My goal of publishing writing every day still needs the training wheels :) - its feel they are about to be removed - thanks for the good wishes.