Thursday, May 10, 2007

SOBcon - a shout out to all who are there!

Break a leg, willya! The line up of speakers as listed at SOBevent page. All of you top notch. All of you ROCK and have no idea the influence you project. I hope to see piles and piles of posts. To think it all started with trying to keep it quiet....shhhhhhhhh! Forever will it be one of the best event launches I've ever experienced.

And attendees!?!?! - ooohhhhhh, am I jealous. Remember to HAVE FUN!
Here is the quest - again from the event page:
  • Respect that in business and blogging all things are based in connecting relationships
  • Treat our blogs like a business, or a business-like hobby
  • Define a vision for our blogs that inspires others to be part of it
  • Identify like-minded bloggers whose blogging goals match our own
  • Evaluate our blogs through the eyes of a first-time reader
  • Use links, trackbacks, and comments to lead to increased participation, and extended reach that could develop into business ventures
  • Ensure presentation, navigation and all reader experiences are intuitive, simple and elegant
  • Know our brand values as readers define them and be able to articulate the unique and remarkable values we offer
  • Understand basic tools that are useful in adding video, podcasting, social media, and voice commenting
  • Reach out beyond the blogosphere to non-blogging readers to become a resource they rely on
  • Recognize the traits and characteristics of a successful and outstanding blog
What an astounding opportunity to learn and share with the best of the 21st century! Changing the world one blog at a time.


David Dalka said...


My link URL is incorrrect, could you please correct it to

See you Saturday!

Mack Collier said...

Great lineup, hopefully everyone will be recording their presentations for the rest of us that can't be there!

BobG said...

On my way to change right now David -

Exactly Mack...that could be the mother of all podcasts! Got a hunch a bunch of the content will be available somehow!

Hannah said...

I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet, Bob. But thanks for the link! I look forward to reading more!

BobG said...

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment post was a little obtuse, I think :) - I wasn't able to make the con this time around. It looks like it was a grand time AND a bargain to boot! I'm following some of the posts of those who were there though. I'll be visiting your place very soon -